Wyatt Crenshaw
Biographical Information

Marine ID: 4218-9826-PR

Homeworld: Lawton, Oklahoma

Birth date: March 27th  2529

Current status: Active | Alive

Physical information

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft 8 in

Mass: 187 Pounds (202lbs in armor)

Hair color: Dirty Blonde

Eye color: Green


  • M7057 Defoliant Projector
  • Misriah Hammer

Equipment: Combat Engineer BDU

Affiliation and military information

Affiliation: UNSC 41st Engineers

Rank: Sergeant (E-5)

Specialty: Hellbringer

Era(s): Post-war (Human-Covenant War)


Sgt. Wyatt Crenshaw was a member of the 41st Engineering Corps on the UNSC Jaeger, and now serves on the UNSC Forlorn Hope. He was originally a member of Echo Company long before its demise. Currently, he is also one of the only surviving members of Echo. Wyatt is currently 26 years old, with a confirmed D.O.B of 3/27/2529.


Wyatt Crenshaw was born in Lawton, Oklahoma on March 27, 2529, to Kyle and Alexandria Crenshaw. Wyatt grew up working farms with his father, mother, and best friend Saber Reese.He went to school in a small classroom. His family never had much for him, since they only made so much from selling produce, and they were in debt with lots of people. In school, Crenshaw had to borrow other kids’ touch-pads to complete assignments, along with Saber, and he ended up finishing primary school with less-than average grades.  Although he stayed out of trouble, he struggled with education, and his father finally realized that Wyatt needed something more. On March 27th, 2541, Wyatt turned twelve. He didn’t have any close friends that would come to a party, besides Saber, so his parents made up for it. After eating his birthday cake, Crenshaw’s parents came out of their room, and his father was holding a large shoebox. It was his first ever birthday present. Opening it, inside were brand new tools, such as a wrench kit, screwdrivers, nuts, bolts, and other tools. All of them were packaged still, never used. “Son, we’ve been wanting to give you something for a while now. I’ve been saving up for around four years now. Enjoy kiddo,” his father said to him. Wyatt gave his parents hugs, and immediately went to work experimenting with the tools. From that day forward, he loved every aspect of engineering, including the work behind it.

His father showed him the basics, such as how to fix leaks, and weld a broken pipe. After he had mastered these skills, his father moved onto more advanced things, like teaching him how to change tires, repair engines, and build things. At this point, Crenshaw had an undying love for all things engineering. He enjoyed the logic behind it all, including the amount of force to use, and the perfect alignment of that one screw. Sadly, after months of work and training, his father was diagnosed with Stage IV Leukemia. Wyatt was always with his mother at his father’s side. When his father’s time came around, Saber was with Crenshaw at his deathbed. Before he died, his father made him promise one thing: “Enlist in the Marines son. Make me proud.” With that, his father was gone, and Wyatt remembered his father’s dying words, even though he had never even considered the UNSC. Why would his father ask him to enlist? Regardless, he made plans for his future. He continued through secondary school, finally raising his grades, and earning enough credits to pay for the rest of his mother’s debt. With that, he went to the nearest UNSC Recruitment Office, and enlisted into the UNSC Marines.

After enlisting into the Corps, Wyatt underwent the Marine Basic training. He endured harsh Drill Sergeants and yelling daily. After going through the twelve weeks of training, he finally graduated into the 5th MEU, stationed on the UNSC Icarus. Serving alongside Reese, Wyatt completed many assignments with a new group of Marines known as Echo Company. Members included Jason Gallente, Axel Hunter, Reisen Annabelle Inabaasia, John Kozak, Bjorn Hardrada, Alex Chorei, and Biblesmacker. For over four years, Crenshaw pushed himself and Reese, before Saber was killed during a mission as a result of ODST Sophia Mueller's ignorance. To this day, Crenshaw holds a deep, dark hatred of not only Mueller, but the Troopers as a whole. After Reese's untimely death, Wyatt decided to enlist into the 41st Engineers. He applied, going back to training for his new skills, such as E.O.D, vehicle repair, and sentry operation. He also learned how to use the M41 Launcher. After his graduation, he learned that the Fifth MEU had gone MIA for almost three years, and were now stationed on the UNSC Jaeger. Crenshaw requested that he be sent to this particular ship in order to see old friends again. By sheer luck, he was planned to be sent there anyway, and on 10/28/2557, he was sent back to the Fifth as a Private in the Corps. He rose through the ranks, watching many brothers and sisters fall. When the Jaeger was decommissioned for repair, the MEU was sent to the UNSC Forlorn Hope, where Crenshaw is now stationed as a Sergeant in the Engineering Corps.

Service Record

Kills Injuries Deployments Medals
Estimated at over 1000 confirmed

kills since first deployment.

Estimated at around 49

wounds since first deployment.

Over 254. *Will be added*


"Who's side are we on anyway?"

"Touch my mint leaves again."

"Reese died for a cause. He dies fighting for what he believed in. Ain't nobody gon' tell me otherwise."

"Goddamn it Axel you had one job!"

"Why does Chorei lug around that minigun when he can just call them black and bully them into submission?"

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