Wildlife are a passive/event faction that are rarely seen or used, except in rare circumstances. Most of the time, they will be used as a distraction for the players while an event is running. These creatures are almost always going to be NPCs, except in rare cases where an admin may play as an animal.

Native to Human Worlds Edit

Creature Planet of descent
Bat Earth
Blue whale Earth
Bonobo Chimpanzee Earth
Cat Earth
Clam Earth
Cobra Earth
Cattle Earth
Cricket Earth
Dwarka Squirrel Dwarka
Eagle Earth
Elephant Earth
Elephant fish Earth
Fish (Voi) Earth
Goat Earth
Gull Earth
Gúta Reach
Harvest Whale Harvest
Honey badger Earth
Honey bee Earth
Horse Earth
Moose Earth
Moa Reach
Naeori Draco III
Owl Earth
Pigeon Earth
Rat Earth
Squid Earth
Squirrel Earth
Starling Earth
Swallow Earth
Trout Earth
Tuna Earth
Turkey Earth
Wolf Earth
Varroa mite Earth
Zebra Earth

Native to Covenant Worlds Edit

  • Covenant Koi
  • Covenant pests
  • Doarmir
  • Helioskrill
  • High Charity bird
  • Mud wasp
  • Scrub Grub
  • Shade crab
  • Thorn Beast
  • Zap-jelly

Found on Forerunner Installations Edit

  • Butterfly (Installation 00)
  • Quadwing
  • Elephant Fish
  • Fish (Delta Halo)
  • Moth
  • Sea Worm

Unknown Origin Edit

  • Arctic Beast
  • Arctic Ice Hound
  • Eel-Snake Creature
  • Space Owl

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