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The Warspite prior to it's destruction.

The UNSC Warspite was the a ship used by the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit and the Swords of Sanghelios in 2555 following the retirement of the UNSC Icarus until it's crash landing and ultimate destruction during an engagement with a Covenant Corvette. It was later replaced with the UNSC Jaeger.

Description Edit

The Warspite used the Shepton 2 map with intially flying over an artic planet but later a desert planet. The ship was split into a civil and industrial sector with a large hanger in the middle of the ship. The civil sector contained the barracks for marine and airforce personnel with a mess hall and bar. The industrial sector contained important areas of the ship such as the engine room and the brig.

Destruction and AftermathEdit

During a routine day, the Warspite was attacked by a Covenant Corvette which resulted in the destruction of a pelican with a child passenger on-board. During the attack, the ship suffered heavy damage including the loss of power and almost the entirety of it's weapon array with the Warspite's bridge crew being forced to use a small nuke to destroy the corvette while in turn forcing the ship into atmosphere. Despite the initial free-fall, the navy was able to lift the Warspite enough to cause a crash landing which then caused the ship to split in half.

Currently the marines and other crew are attempting to salvage what they can from the wreckage as well as find other survivors.


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