Faction description Edit

"The Office of Naval Intelligence is a division of the UNSC Navy that is responsible for counter-espionage and propaganda. Although it is under the jurisdiction of the Navy, ONI appears to report directly to HIGHCOM. It is responsible for intelligence matters across the UNSC. As such, ONI employs members of other military branches, and even civilians, to complete the Division's shadowy work."

Gameplay wise Edit

"This faction is limited to the people we have in it because of it's ability to gain knowledge on all matters on the ship, ground and other from other factions. We do not want people who will leak the information OOCly or something and then have to deal with shitstorms. There is no clear and precise way to enter this faction"

The faction, in terms of play-ability, only allows Section One of ONI to be serving on the ship. Not much is known about the faction, other than that they perform several intelligence-wise operations on their own. Entering the ONI Offices on the ship without permission will most likely result in capital punishment, and a PK for the character that entered.

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