"Obedience of the law is demanded; not asked as a favor."

                                        Military Provost
                                     MP-Maj.|Sosuke Aizen| 
                                     MP-Cpt.|Mason Chaucher| 
                                      MP-Lt.|Abby Collins|
                                        Senior Enlisted
                                      MP-Cpl. Izabella O'Keth
                                      MP-Cpl. Jozef Ponatowski
                                      MP-Cpl. TelVa Yashin

                                      MP|Kayla Anderson|
                                      MP|Scott Pendleton|
                                      MP|Liam Reid| 
                                      MP|Mark 'Skoro' Skorobogotav|
                                      MP|Miles Stratten|
                                      MP|Isaac Butcher|

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