The Legion is a non-playable fictional antagonist faction that is somewhat encountered rarely by the UNSC. The Legion is composed primarily of human mercenaries who complete contracts for payment. They are hostile towards the UNSC for the fact that some of their employers and contracts are not favored by the UNSC. Example contracts include guarding convoys for an Insurrectionist group, to stealing research and war machines from the UNSC. Their weapons and technology is quite formatable, practically competative to the UNSC's. The Legion's population is their disadvantage against the UNSC however, which contribues to the rarity of encounters.

Origin Edit

Human-Covenant War Edit

The origins of the Legion can be traced back to the beginning of the Human-Covenant War. The first and only leader of the faction, codenamed Monarch by the Legion, was the one to actually organize and maintain the organization. Monarch is essentially a successful businessman who specialized in macroeconomic trading in the outerworld colonies. According to him, he used the principle of scarcity of both necessity and illegal goods in order to be largely successful in his business. When the Covenant first attacked, Monarch had essentially a hard time keeping his potential customers and assets protected from them. He couldn't risk informing the Law enforcement to protect his goods, and the UNSC was too busy keeping more priority things protected. That was then when he first decided to invest a rather large portion of his earned money in hiring a large taskforce of people to protect his property.

Although he had his men properly equipped with the best available gear money can afford, they were still no match against the Covenant. Monarch realized that he needed military-grade gear and proper trained men if his business were to survive. It was then that he came into contact with an Insurrectionist group that was in dire need of help to repel the UNSC off of their colony. Deciding to take a gamble, Monarch ordered his men to assist them in a sudden change of business. The Insurrectionists were successfu, and in return they payed the Monarch with the spoils of war: money and weapons.

Working under the UNSC radar, Monarch continued his reformed business by completing tasks in the outer colonies, who were in dire need of a proper military to protect them from the Covenant. As he completed contracts, more spoils of war were rewarded, and more people offered themselves to work for him. It was then Monarch realized the potential of his group: an organized group of people who seek to escape their helplessness by earning a living shooting people. Ex-Veterans, discharged UNSC soldiers, and adventure seekers sought for this organization, and the Monarch had the funds to supply them with good weapons, training, and state-of-the-art equipment. With a growing market of people needing help for legal and illegal activities, and if they had the funds to pay for the service, the Legion was born.

Post-War Edit

By now, the Human-Covenant War was over, and the aftermath of war was taking its course. The Legion by now had a reputation among Insurrectionist groups and along the Black Market. Monarch continued his old trading business, but obsessively invested much of his resources in the Legion. Monarch abandoned all ideologies of "good and evil" and continued to expand his clients even further. Such clients even expanded to HOTH and Remnant groups; some Remnant species even begain to seek employment within the Legion. The Monarch was not bothered by the prospect and even welcomed the idea because, according to him, "They are potential customers or employees."

Affiliations Edit

General Edit

The Legion has demonstrated that they have "standards" and will perform activities that do not go against moral bounds. They have shown to not attack civilians or civilian structures, they won't execute people even if given the oppertunity to, and they will not use chemical warfare against their enemies.


The Legion is initially neutral to UNSC personnel. Unlike other factions who seek to fight the UNSC for political or prideful reasons, Legion fight UNSC only if they have to. Various contracts may involve raiding UNSC property or attacking garrisoned troops. Other times if the UNSC acts as a complication towards a contract, the Legion won't hesitate to engage. Certain clients and contracts Legion works with are generally not favored by the UNSC, therefore reinforcing hostility between the two factions. The Legion does not accept work from the UNSC, under the belief that "Working with our competators will allow them to crush our organization, for a firm will try to do thinga that benefit itself only."

Insurrectionists Edit

Insurrectionists generally employ the Legion for their own goals. Usually the Legion is asked to steal equipment or attack a fortified stronghold while the Insurrectionists attempt to control the civilian populace. The Legion does have its standards however, and will not kill civilians if asked to.

Remnant Edit

The Legion disciplines its members to not act hostile towards Remnant forces, unless a contract commands them too. Some crafty Remnant leaders have asked for the Legion to help in their goals in exchange for some very unique weaponry, technonogy, and even some extra soldiers.

Weapons and Technology Edit

Notable Figures Edit

-The Monarch: Codenamed the leader of the organization Legion.

Appendix Edit

One of the main goals to introducing the Legion at the time was to have the players fight a more, "Comparable" force in terms of technology and organization. Much of the other antagonists were either disorganized ICly or had lower-grade weapons and armor.

The idea of mercenaries in the Halo universe was never mentioned currently. When the faction was first made, conventional wisdom of mercenaries had to be used to ensure that it would not cause conflicts with people.

Currently the server uses the FEAR 2 Replica Elite Soldier to represent a Legion mercenary.

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