The Coup d'etat of 2015 was the 'dark ages' in where a group of trusted staff and members planned to overthrow the community owners and make Altered a 'better place.'


*Please note: This Community is in no way a bad place. This was just a time where people in our wonderful community thought that their beliefs were correct, when in reality, the owners were doing all they could. This was in the past long ago, and in no way represents the community now. Thank you, and enjoy your history lesson.

Official Statement by Purple-4/08/15 Edit

Below is the raw, unedited statement by one of Altered's owners, FPSPurple, made on April Eighth, 2015.

Many of you are reading the title and are probably asking yourself, "What the hell does mr. purple mean!?" Typically when you hear the phrase, coup d'etat, you either think back to history or about a revolt in a government. Typically you never see it actually happen because it is usually ineffective, especially on the internet. Within the past 24 Hours, myself and the rest of the management were informed about staff members from the HaloRP department planning to launch a rebellion against the community and its leadership. We were sent a audio log and video that showed us all of the individuals involved.

I watched the video with two of my aides. We were disgusted with the amount of crass being said. What we were hearing was members of our senior leadership teams speaking poorly of the ownership, community and servers. The thing that really shocked me was that only two of these individuals made a true effort to come to me and speak about the issues. A lot of the issues that they brought up could of been fixed if they spoke with us and showed us a plan to fix them. We do not however believe it was all based on server issues, but instead personal grievances, such as a drive for more power. There were multiple individuals involved in the manner.. Here are the names of the main contenders. 

Revered - Super Administrator
TheIrishGhost - Super Administrator
Star - Administrator
Ibutonic - Operator
Nazz - Operator

We have decided we can no longer offer these individuals a spot on our administration team because of their actions in the community. The hatred and arrogance shown in this video not only lowered the standard of professionalism we try to offer, but it also made them look like idiots... plain and simple. They have each had their access removed as well as their positions. With this, we have enacted a continuity of administration. Thus doing so, we have promoted the following...

Schames to Administrator
Critix to Operator

More promotions will be made in the next few days.

In summary of all of this, if you have an issue with the management of the server, you always have the opportunity and the right to come and speak with myself or funky. Not only were your actions immature, but trying to "Destroy" a community only shows your selfishness and eagerness to gain power in your own communities. This attack was not centered towards any one person in particular. This was an attempt to manipulate the community for personal gain. There are more people here than just you... I hope YOU remember that... If fact, I would be surprised if any community would trust you or have faith in your loyalty after this failure. 

I am sure some of you have many questions and with that, I am 100% to any of them. We will be fixing all of the issues brought up by the few respectable individuals.

The video is 19 minutes long, I suggest each of you take the time to watch.

The raw audio of the Teamspeak discussion on 4/07/15 Edit

Coup d'etat19:18

Coup d'etat

Aftermath Edit

Fortunately, this plot was rooted out and brought to the owners' attention, and the people involved have been dealt with. Currently, no other plots have been made and there are sure to not be anymore in the future. Altered has been a peaceful place since this issue arose, and now does well without these types of issues.

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