Lance Corporal Sora Freeman (full name: Sora Gordon Freeman) is an UNSC marine of the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit. He is among a number of characters that were present during the events that occured during the events of the Halo trilogy , Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.

History Edit


Lance Corporal Sora Freeman, along with an unknown twin sister, was born in New Alexandra, Reach sometime in 2533. Freeman was raised in an upper middle-class family in one of the apartment complexes in the city and went to public schools. His parents were well respected in the news industry as his father was head anchorman for the city news station and her mother was a field reporter that did reports on the aftermath of Covenant Attacks that the UNSC successfully repelled at the cost of many troops. At the age of 10 in 2543, his mother gave birth to his younger brother, whom he was forced to babysit with his sister on many occasions. in 2546, Freeman's sister disappeared under mysterious circumstances. In 2551, he left New Alexandra to attend a public College elsewhere on Reach only to return a year later and 2 weeks prior to the Covenant invasion of the city as the entire area was evacuated due to a possible Covenant attack. 

Freeman, now close to age 19, was enjoying time with his family when the Covenant sudden began to attack the city and the building he had spent his childhood and teenage years was close to one of the landing zones for the initial Covenant ground forces. Freeman and his family later noticed that a group of Sangheili Zealots were breaching into apartments and slaughtering their residents. As the squad was about to breach the apartment, Freeman's father was able to hide Sora and his brother in separate hiding spots, with Freeman's being in a nearby closet. He would open then open the closet door slightly enough so that while he could see, he would not be spotted. He watched in horror as one lone Zealot decided to enter the apartment without his squad mates, and slice open his mother with an energy sword. Freeman could only stay hidden and watch as she screamed in agony and the Zealot laughing and then saw the Zealot decapitate her with the energy sword. Freeman then saw the Zealot bring a far more painful death to his father as the Zealot broke both of his legs and then slowly placed it's energy sword into his spine and then....... the Zealot crushed Freeman's father's head with it's boot. However as the Zealot was about to leave, Freeman's younger brother accidentally sneezed, which alerted the Zealot to his location. Like his parents, Sora could only hide and watch and the Zealot forcefully dragged his now 9-year old brother out from his hiding place and tear him in half with it's own bare hands. Soon after the Zealots left the building, Freeman quickly fled from his hiding spot and went to the safest area in the city where all the refugees were located. Five days later, he along with the remaining refugees were relocated to the New Alexandra Starport to await evacuation, only for the transports to not be allowed to launch due to a Covenant Corvette being in the area. While looking out one of the civilian transport's view ports, he witnessed the destruction of 6 Echo 2 and saw a vague figure wearing grey armor.In 2553, 1-2 years prior to enlisting in the Marine corps, he received contact with a woman at his age that stated she was his twin sister, whom had left Reach shortly before the Covenant invasion. Freeman has yet to find any definite location of this woman or if it was truly his twin sister.    

Enlistment and military career:

After being inspired by the Marines that fought in New Alexandra, Freeman decided to enlist in the Marine Corps in order to fight any more alien threats to Humanity, along with the Insurrectionists, which were beginning to attempt large scale attacks once again. Following his training, the now Private Sora Freeman was stationed to the UNSC Perfect with the 5th MEU. He later went on his first OP in the fifth soon after spending a few hours adjusting to his new surroundings. The OP would be his first encounter with the Flood however the squad he was apart off saw little to no action. His second combat drop however would prove to be more "interesting" as during an attack by a hostile Elephant, he sustained burns to his chest by a missile attack, which would only become worse with it's destruction by a subsequent Covenant Remnant airstrike and was moved to the ship's medbay following the 5th's return. Freeman after one other Op was promoted to Private First Class due to being a reliant soldier on the field. On one of his first OPs following his promotion, Freeman was hit by eight Needler rounds during the engagement with Covenant forces, two of which Freeman managed to pull out before he was force to take cover. The medics that day called him a lucky bastard for somehow surviving. Following the destruction of the Perfect and the the rest of the 5th's and the Navy crew-member's reinstatement to theUNSC Icarus, the ship gained a group of Sangheili part of the Swords of Sanghelios. Freeman was at first hesitant to accept the Sangheili as part of of the crew due to a member of their species massacring his family only two years prior. Freeman however eventually began to accept them though he still had his dislike for the Zealots of the group which he tried to not let the Sangheili be aware of this. 

Following the OP that 'caused the 5th and Swords to become trapped in an unknown location and picked up by the UNSC Balisick, he was promoted to Lance Corporal following a mission, during which he helped a fellow PFC that was wounded to a warthog that was heading to the extraction point. He was later promoted to Corporal following the destruction of the Balisick and the 5th's return to the Icarus but was demoted despite only following the orders of his superiors and had command of no one following a disastrous OP. Sometime later, Freeman and the 5th left the Icarus and went to the UNSC Warspite, he would be wounded once again by a needler round that nearly paralyzed him, suffered a carbine wound that resulted in another scar, and a Needler round in his left shoulder. 

Trivia Edit

  • The figure he sees is Noble 6 in the default armor and color shown in promotional artwork for Halo: Reach.
  • He is among a handful of marines that does not drink and thus far on the Warspite, has only been present in the ship's bar once. 

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