The Siege of PiveraEdit

April, 2555 - Echo Company was deployed to the Logistical Inner Colony of Pivera to take part in an introduction Ceremony for a UNSC Politician. During that time a Large Fleet slipspaced in, bearing Markings of an unknown faction, laid siege to the planet, disabling its defenses through infilitration and landed ground parties onto the planet's surface, blockading it entirely, while taking all forces on the planet by suprise.

UNSC Army Bases were annihilated in the first few hours, every major city annexed, and the Space Elevator aswell as the planet's Shipyards and Trading Stations were captured. The UNSC Icarus was currently being repaired and refitted at that time, and was captured aswell as any drydocked vessel.

Echo Company, which included their officers, Medical, and Engineering groups, were the only personnel in the Capital of Pivera at the time of the assault with the Politician. The 7th ODST Battalion was temporarily visiting UNSC Airbase Delta, with the Icarus' Provost group storing criminal records on the net at the time; the last comm message received from them was AirBase Delta being overrun and obliterated. Naval Personnel were assisting with the Icarus' Repairs and were captured in the first hour of the assault. The Science Division aswell as the 19th ODST Battalion were visiting an abandoned Flash Cloning Facility at the time that was due to be refurbished for a new Research Facility; they lost contact with all UNSC forces on the planet at the time of the assault, at the time their status was unknown. The Swords Represnetatives were visiting the Sangheilli Embassy in the Capital City, all contact with them were lost when the Communication Net went down.

Echo Company managed to escape the Capital City while it was being bombarded by Enemy Heavy Cruisers, and reached Defense Outpost Charlie, under the command of UNSC Army Colonel {N/A} and took shelter there, planning future engagements on the now blockaded planet.

The 7th ODST Battalion (with the Provost Unit) managed to link up with a UNSC Charon Class Frigate, the UNSC KickStart, and the 56th Infantry Battalion of the UNSC Army, had planned to siege one of the Coastal Cities with a Ground Navy Heavy Frigate in the waters as support. Echo Company joined mid siege and regrouped with the ODSTs and Provost Unit, taking the Coastal city, in turn expanding the UNSC Sphere of Influence on the Blockaded Planet.

Echo Company head back towards the remains of the Capital City in order to gather any intel on the enemy, in turn they managed to find the sieged Sangheilli Embassy, broke the assault, and regrouped with their Sword of Sangheillios allies, returning to Outpost Charlie, leaving the still burning city behind.

For Several Days straight, Echo Company would take part in Offensive Operations on the now named enemy assaulting the plant, known as the REV. UNSC Forces on the planet have reconstructed the Communication Net and were now planning future assaults in order to take back the planet. In the midst of an attack on Defense Outpost Charlie, Hostile ODST Units drop podded outside of the base and began to assault Echo Company. Once that was thwarted they gained intelligence that the once abandoned Flash Cloning Facility was reactivated; the enemy flash cloning 19th ODST Squad Members and indoctrinating the clones, sending them after UNSC groups in order to use their skills as Suicide Squadrons. Echo Company was tasked with proceeding to the Science Facility in order to stop this plan, and hopefully rescue their comrades. Mid Assault, the Head Director of the Science Division for the 5th MEU, was flash cloned aswell, using her knowledge to assist the REV against UNSC Forces, Echo Company managed to break into the Facility, kill off every flash clone and rescue the survivors.

A UNSC Counter Assault on the Blockade, backed by Sangheilli forces assaulted the Large fleet of REV Vessels, Echo Company travelled from the Facility and broke behind enemy lines to the Space Elevator, laying siege onto it. The REV Outpost was wiped out while they were backed up the rest of the UNSC Forces on the planet. Losses were severe both in space and on the ground as the REV used the Planetary Defenses to fight them off. Once Echo Company took the Space Elevator, and UNSC pour into the station, the REV, which suffered minor losses, abandoned the planet all together proceeding deep into space to where ever their base of operations were located. The Icarus and her crew were rescued, and all of Echo Company was rewarded for their actions in taking back Pivera from hostile forces.

UNSC attempts to track the REV fleet was met with nothing, and all intel on them was minimal.

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