Gameplay WiseEdit

A non-player faction featured in the Battle of Pivera Campaign (Unknown if will ever be featured in the Future). They are hostile to the UNSC.


The first UNSC Engagement against the REV took place on the Logistical Colony of Pivera, they were featured bearing a Massive Fleet, a trained army bearing Reverse Engineered Covenant Technology weaponry and Vehicles; the most notable were Reverse Engineered Locust walkers, heavily reinforced with Titanium and armed with Human Weaponry, modifying the beam to shoot out instead of a constantly firing beam of Ionized Gas, it instead fired a Highly Explosive Ionized Gas Blast which would charge in less then a few seconds, any projectiles fired at the time of charging melted and harmlessly fell to the ground due to the Ionized Gas' Threshold when forming the Blast.

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