Roleplay LoreEdit

Pivera is a Massive Logistical Hub for trading and Political Expansion for the UNSC.

Pivera was mentioned several times as the location where Echo Company received their supplies and repairs from. It was laid under siege by the REV on the 2nd of Apirl, 2555.

Echo Company was one of the major reason's Pivera was taken back, however it was greatly crippled but has finally finished structural repairs with majority of the population returning! Several diplomats from Independant Colonies and even allies to the UNSC have visited this planet to conduct Trade or Political Engagements! This planet welcomes all from the UNSC to be involved, and due to its aspect it is the nearest location for the 5th MEU to acquire goods and services from, featuring an actual metropolis with space elevator access to a small shipyard, this planet is a HUB for the current sector of space for Trade, Rest, and Relaxation.

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