Mutants are a NPC-exclusive faction thus encountered by the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Mutants are the result of an unknown infection that was spread among the inhabitants of the mine, Happy Springs among other locations. Players that RP (whether it be voluntary or /evented) becoming infected by the virus following their introduction event are automatically PKed. Thus, players are recommended to create "redshirt" characters to prevent their main character from being PKed.

Gameplay Edit

Mutants are the Zombie and Antlion Guard NPCs from Half-Life 2 and thus will do the same amount of damage to the player on the server as they would normally. However because of this, there is a chance the player may have to kill the headcrab that is attached to the zombie NPCs.

Mutant Variations Edit

The mutants branch off into varying mutations should the infection make contact with a suitable host. Mutated variants begin off as the basic Infector and branch off from there.

Gallery Edit

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