GySgt. Mark 'Sly Dog' Saxton

Gunnery Sergeant Mark Saxton, otherwise known as Sly dog, was part of the 7th ODST Detachment. He first joined the UNSC in 2554, stationed on The Prefect, with the 5th MEU. After The Prefect was destroyed, the 5th were stationed on The Icarus. After The Icarus sustained heavy damage, the 5th were sent to The Sephton. After The Icarus was repaired, the 5th were sent back. After recieveing more damage, the 5th were sent to The Warspite, which would be where Mark spent his last moments with the 5th.


Photo of Mark Saxton in full gear.

"You Sly Dog you." - All of 5th MEU

"It's officially Milkshake Aprriciation day" - PO2. Kelly Stokes and GySgt, Mark Saxton

"You get the Chorei award for shitting your pants the most" - Capt. Avon

"How dare you break my cups you bastard" - 1stLt. Ryan Besaw

"'Don't go and be a fuckboy, stupid" - 'Capt. Orville Thawine

"Where would you guys be without me?" - GySgt. Mark Saxton


Mark grew up in a small town in Missouri, he never really had any friends, not even a person to say hi to, he always kept to himself anywhere he went. He was an only child, but that didn't make his life any easier. His parents always fought all the time over almost everything, Money, Dinner plans, anything that involved two peoples opinion. With his parents fighting all the time, they never really spent time with mark, he mostly spent his days in his room, alone with his thoughts. All he did was read and draw, he loved to draw, anything he thought about, he could write and draw about. When mark wasn't in his room, he would spend his time wondering the woods, exploring and having his own adventures all by himself. weather its about medieval adventures, or future space adventures, it was his way of escaping reality. One day, while walking home from school, two strange men appeared from out of nowhere and begin to harass mark. They made jokes about his dad being an stupid drunk, and his mom being a slut. Finally, getting pushed over the limit, he attacks the men, he tackled one man and smashed his face into the concrete sidewalk, and the other man ran away in fear.

After several pounds to the ground, the man went unconscious, blood was all over his hands, clothes and the sidewalk. Out of fear of getting arrested, he ran back home as fast as he could. But it was no use, about a half hour later, the police came to marks home and arrested him. As he was getting dragged away from his house, all his parents did was argue about who ruined their son, his parents didn't even get him a lawyer. After being trained for assault, he was sentenced to 6 months in a juvinial detention center. For 6 months, Mark spent mostly alone, his parents never went to see him, he didn't make any friends, he was alone. After his release, he went back home to find that no one was there, his parents have moved out and left mark. Mark now roamed the streets of his old town, trying to get by. His old habits of going to the woods and having adventures, writing, and drawing seemed to loose there excitement in his life. Cold, hungry, he found himself at the UNSC Recruitment Center joining the marines, trying to get away from it all.

Military Life:Edit

Basic Training:Edit

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