Is gay and ugly.

"I need an adult! Hunteeeer!"-Leonardo Santiago

Private Leonardo Santiago is a marine stationed on the UNSC Warspite. He's part of the 41st Engineering Corps, working as a Combat Engineer. His former position was Private First Class, but he was demoted for breaking radio silence too much. He serves under the command of Sergeant Major Axel Hunter and Gunnery Sergeant Hannah Klossner. He is now presumed dead at the rank of Private First Class.

Appearance Edit

Leo stands at a height of six foot, although it doesn't make him look so intimidating. He has a skinnier figure than most marines, and he often says "The ladies have more arm hair than him." He has a chiseled facial structure, making him look like a willowy elf from the movies. His shoulders are pointy. His skin is a sunkissed tan, his eyes a caramel brown. His hair seems to flow downward, a curly brown. He has developed muscles, but they aren't as impressive as other marines on the ship, with only the slightest toning on his biceps and faded sixpack on his abdomen.

Personality Edit

Leo is often childish and joking in manner, creating laughs for everybody on the ship. He acts like a 12 year old in a 21 year olds body, sending out childish flirts to whatever girl he sees fit. He's often brash and crude over the radio, breaking radio silence. He has some sort of an over reaction when people get proved wrong, or "Rinsed" in ship etiquette. But, his personality allows him to make friends, but people's first impression of him might not be the best.

Early Life Edit

Leo's early life was lavish, atleast for him. He got to live in a medium sized apartment in which he had bunch of playing space in. He ate most foods he wanted, and his mom had enough money to buy Leo his toys and video games. Leo, grew up wth his sister Elans Santiago, and they were inseperable. They often worked in the garage together or ended up split screening on various different video games. Elans, was a striking image of her mom. She had rounder, very feminine facial features, and a slender, curvy body. Her skin was more tan than Leo's, and she had the same straight, choppyish hair stlye her mom had. Leo, on the other side, had sharper features, a pointier chin, leaner body, etcetera. The duo, Elans and Leo never ended up meeting their father. Leo grew up quickly, signing on into the miliary at 20 to support the war effort. Elans still remains as a civillian, living in their old apartment back at Houston, Texas.

Quotes Edit

"Code deez nuts!"

"A little party never killed nobody!"

"Woo! Welcome to America!"

"Ayyy! I got cho' wort wort right here!"