Capt. John Yossarian, in his UNSCAF Formals.

Yossarian is a pilot, and Captain in the UNSCAF, 42nd Air Bombardment group.

Notable achievementsEdit

Promoted to become the Second Captain of the 42nd Air Bombardment Group.

Owner of a Focke-Wulf 190, and a Bell UH-ID Huey

Headed up Charlie Wing Command, aptly named the Warhawks, with other CAS experts Arabel Falkenrath, Caroline Brooks, and Damian Palmer.

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2 years in CSAR/PARAMEDEVAC service w/ training

Civilian flight school

Officer's Candidate School

basic High School education

UNSCAF Pilot Academy

Field experience spanning three years of evac, reconnaissance, and combat flight with AV-14, UH-144, GL-MA2, and D77-TC aircraft models.

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