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Name: Freki Astrada Leidolf

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Affiliation: United Nations Space Command Air Force Combat Search and Rescue

Date of Birth: 4/18/2526

Kin: [Unknown]

County/Homeword: Ireland, Earth

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 213 Lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Bright Blue

Build: Strong and Muscular Build

Wealth: His parents as well as himself are quite wealthy

Character Description: 

                     [Eagle 1-13] 6'2" | 213 Lbs | Male | 28 years old | Bright Blue eyes | Black helmet hair | Strong Build | Irish with an Irish accent | UNSC Dog Tags with "Freki Leidolf" Engraved on them | Standard UNSCAF CSAR BDU's and Armor | A 5x3 Tablet attached to his left Greave | Gas Mask [ON/OFF] | UNSC Branded knife in a sheath on his left shoulder with "Fang" Engraved into the Hilt | M6G Magnum with "Oathkeeper" Carved into the side, Maglocked to his right hip | MA-5D Assault Rifle with "Oathbreaker" Carved into the side, Maglocked to his back | Brown Leather Satchel [ON/OFF] | EVA Gear [ON/OFF] | A Parachute on his back [ON/OFF] |


                  Born in Ireland, Frekis parents were Ozpin and Freny Leidolf. They were devout followers of Norse mythology and believed they could achieve traveling to Asgard by naming there son after Odins pet Wolf and travelling on-board the UNSC FFG Infinity vessel. He grew up learning the English language, Battle techniques, and fighting styles from multiple UNSC Personnel while his parents were doing there duties aboard the ship. His mother became a Military Provost while his father was a First Liutenant of the Air Force, He liked hanging around his father and learning the bits and pieces of an Aircraft Though he prefered the weapons aspect of them.

                  When he turned 16 he was allowed to skip normal Recruit training as a CO thought him to have learned enough from his time spent around the UNSC and he was given permissions to choose a branch to join, and of course he decided to join the Air Force. When he was 21 he spent most of his time from then to when he turned 26 traveling to multiple UNSC Vessels and Outposts and recently he was assigned to the UNSC Derigard as a replacement for the recently deceased Airman Basic Mathew Carson Where he is now traveling to.

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