Summary Edit

The SPARTAN-IV Program was the fourth generation of the SPARTAN Program consisting of members recruited from the UNSC's various branches who were augmented to be capable of wearing a new variant of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN2) armor. This phase was initiated by Admiral Margaret Parangosky after the Human-Covenant war.

Similar to the original ORION Project, the SPARTAN-IV Program would only consist of adult volunteers as opposed to young children. When the program was started, surviving members of previous Spartan generations were offered an opportunity to be integrated into it. SPARTAN-IV recruits are drawn from active combat veterans of any branch as well as young soldiers who show potential to be Humanity's next guardians. The physical augmentations of the SPARTAN-IVs, while more advanced than their predecessors, still cannot produce similar results without risk of a high failure rate, due to no genetic requirements. This drawback is reconciled by modifying the individual to the closest margin possible of the two previous Spartan programs physical results and then relying on MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN2) armor to enhance the Spartan's abilities even more than that of MJOLNIR GEN1 armor.

History Edit

Sometime prior to the public iteration of the SPARTAN-IV program, ONI Section III authorized a top secret, experimental phase of the program, without direct permission from High Command. This variation of the program would attempt to produce super-soldiers whose physical prowess rendered MJOLNIR obsolete. Only one of the ten candidates, Ilsa Zane, survived the augmentation process. She was considered mentally unstable due to the augmentations and was forced deep within the layers of ONI.

The current SPARTAN-IV program was commissioned due to the success of the SPARTAN-II and SPARTAN-III Programs. The program was initiated by Musa-096, a washout of the SPARTAN-II program's augmentation process. Even with his resentment for Dr. Catherine Halsey, Musa recognized the importance that SPARTANs had in the effort of protecting Humanity, even after the Human-Covenant war. The SPARTAN-IV program was approved by AdmiralMargaret Parangosky, when she was still in command of the Office of Naval Intelligence. At first, Parangosky wantedJames Ackerson to head the program with Halsey by his side. However, Ackerson died during the aftermath of the Battle of Mare Erythraeum and Halsey was arrested after returning from Onyx. The program was continued by Musa andJun-A266, a former member of the SPARTAN-III Alpha Company.

In addition to the majority of the SPARTAN-IVs being adult volunteers, all remaining SPARTAN-IIIs were offered to be incorporated into the Spartan branch. Many of the remaining SPARTAN-IIIs were fitted into the Spartan branch while the rest were moved to non-combatant status. The first class of SPARTAN-IVs consisted of 145 individuals and went active on January 7, 2553. They trained with each other in War Games simulations in order to be constantly prepared for battle. SPARTAN-IVs also train in multiple different forms of martial arts when not active in the War Games simulator. Select SPARTAN-IIs who were thought to be MIA have also participated in their training.

Armor Variants Edit

  • Achilles - A variant that features an aggressive AI.
  • Air Assault - Utilized primarily by ONI security personnel on Earth's and Luna's space elevators and skyhooks.
  • Anubis - A variant with enhanced sensor suite
  • Argonaut - A variant with move-by-wire reflex enhancers.
  • Argus - A variant with an increase in situational and threat awareness
  • Athlon - A variant used in combat training exercises
  • Atlas - A variant that features modular armor and weapons.
  • Aviator - A variant designed for aircraft piloting. Required for use by Spartan F-41 Broadsword pilots.
  • Breaker - A variant with tactical supremacy and increased endurance
  • Buccaneer - A variant that uses off-the-shelf components.
  • Buzzsaw
  • Cain
  • Caladcholg - A variant with fast-switching Mjolnir muscle fibers
  • CIO - A variant for Counter-Intelligence Operators
  • Centurion - A variant for operational planning and situational awareness, upgraded from GEN1
  • Commando - A variant for special operations, upgraded from GEN1
  • Copperhead - A variant for covert ops
  • Cyclops - A variant with a more powerful fusion pack
  • Cypher - A variant that features a pilot program
  • Decimator
  • Deadeye - Designed for snipers
  • Defender - Designed for general area denial and tactical defensive abilities
  • EOD - A variant designed to facilitate explosive ordnance disposal, upgraded from GEN1
  • Enforcer - A variant designed for remote security base detail
  • Engineer - A variant designed for repairing and reconfiguring technology in combat
  • EVA - A variant designed for extra-vehicular activity, upgraded from GEN1
  • Fenrir - A variant with an embedded battle management AI
  • Flenser - A variant with high running endurance
  • Foehammer - A variant designed for better pilot synchronization
  • FOTUS - A variant based on Forerunner technology[3
  • Freebooter - A variant with seamless nanofabricated armor panels
  • Gladiator
  • Goblin - A variant with sensor-warping technology
  • GUNGNIR - Upgrade of GEN1 model developed by Project GUNGNIR
  • Gunslinger - A variant with a tweaked smart-link system to increase handgun accuracy
  • Halberd - A variant with a unique magnetic weapon lock arrangement
  • HAZOP - A variant for environments considered too hazardous for standard equipment, upgraded from GEN1
  • Helioskrill - A variant designed by a Sangheili prodigy
  • Hellcat - A variant based on ancient human armor
  • Helljumper - An improved version of ODST armor
  • Hermes - A variant used for orbital raids
  • Hoplite - A variant with targeting and datalink advancements that increases long-range heavy munitions accuracy, upgraded from GEN1
  • Hunter - A variant for target acquisitions.
  • Infiltrator - A variant designed for stealthy infiltration of enemy territory
  • Inquisitor - A variant that utilizes a Sentinel power cell instead of a fusion reactor
  • Interceptor - A variant that features highly configurable settings and a programmable neural interface
  • Juggernaut
  • Jumpmaster - A variant designed for free-fall combat drops
  • Legionnaire - A variant produced by RKD to be licenced to smaller companies
  • LOCUS - A variant designed for tactical and strategic infiltration. Known for its incredible resiliency
  • Mako - A variant designed for multi-environment adaptation
  • Marauder
  • Mark IV - Upgraded to function with the Mjolnir [GEN2] suite
  • Mark V - Upgraded to function with the Mjolnir [GEN2] suite
  • Mark VI - Upgraded to function with the Mjolnir [GEN2] suite
  • Mirmillion - A variant with optimized combat flexibility
  • Mongoose
  • Ni-Hard
  • Nightfall - A variant used on inhospitable worlds
  • Ninja
  • NOBLE - A variant designed for Battle Network Management
  • Nomad - A variant designed for remote expeditions in uncharted space
  • Oceanic - Designed for combat in waterfront areas
  • ODST - Upgraded to function with the Mjolnir [GEN2] suite
  • Omni - A variant that effectively uses Materials Group's GEN2 prototype sensor suite
  • Oracle - A variant designed to test modular system upgrades
  • Orbital - A variant designed for EVA activity
  • Operator - A variant designed to optimize vehicle operation, upgraded from GEN1
  • Paladin - A variant designed for processing and curating vast amounts of battlefield data
  • Pathfinder - A variant designed for missions in intel-poor environments
  • Pioneer - A variant designed for missions in unfamiliar, hostile environments
  • Prefect - A variant based on Forerunner personal armor
  • Protector - A variant designed for VIP security
  • Raider - A variant designed with Samurai-like aesthetics for intimidation of hostiles
  • Raijin - A variant that maximizes short-term combat performance
  • Rampart - A variant designed for combat in urban areas
  • Ranger - A variant designed for remote operatives engaging in hostile environmental conditions
  • Reaper - A variant based on Forerunner combat skins
  • Recon - A variant designed for stealth reconnaissance operations, upgraded from GEN1
  • Recruit - Issued to all Spartan-IV recruits prior to qualification for specialized models
  • Renegade - A variant designed for strategic reconnaissance
  • Ricochet - A variant designed for use in Ricochet combat training exercises
  • Rogue - A variant designed for extended solo operations, upgraded from GEN1
  • Samurai - A variant with increased situational awareness
  • Scanner - A variant designed to aid search-and-rescue teams
  • Sceptre - A variant designed for utilizing the new modular tactical package system
  • Scout - A variant designed for scouting operations, upgraded from GEN1
  • Security - A variant designed for ship and station defense, upgraded from GEN1
  • Seeker - A variant equipped with a full suite of signature masking mechanisms for reconnaissance
  • Shinobi - A variant with no known manufacturer
  • Soldier - A variant with extra storage space designed for battlefield support
  • Spectrum - A variant designed for engaging Covenant in close quarters inside starships
  • Stalker - A variant designed to aid in covert shadowing of a target, derived from Jiralhanae Stalker stealth harnesses
  • Strider - A variant for jaunt-combat excursions in isolated theaters
  • Technician - A variant for combat engineers
  • Teishin - A variant designed for augmented soldiers serving in paramilitary and clandestine agencies
  • Tracer - An advanced variant used for intelligence gathering
  • Tracker - A variant designed to aid in long-range pursuit of targets
  • Tremor - A variant that allows programmable grenades to be set to higher yields
  • Valkyrie - A variant designed for aerospace flight control
  • Vanguard - A variant designed for face-to-face enemy assaults
  • Venator - A variant optimized for single-enemy combat
  • Venture - A variant designed for survey missions in extreme environments
  • Void Dancer - A variant designed for exoatmospheric operations and threat assessment
  • Warrior - MJOLNIR's mainline armor kit. Designed for speed and mobility
  • War Master - Lethbridge Industrial's most popular and most exotic armor. Designed with multi-functional configuration for almost any combat scenario
  • Widow Maker - A variant designed with hardwired response protocols and quick-release mag-clamps
  • Wetwork - A variant designed for assassination operations

Known Personnel Serving Edit

  • SPR-CDR. Dieter Odenmier
  • SPR-FTL. Nicolas Siluk
  • SPR. Andrew Pierce
  • SPR. Tyler Candy

Fallen/Transferred/MIA Edit

  • SPR-CDR. Jozef Ponatowski
  • SPR-CDR. Joshua Byrnes
  • SPR-FTL. Logan Forsythe
  • SPR. Meryl Serilda
  • SPR. Chad Ramsey
  • SPR. Richard McCoy
  • SPR. Bryan Coleman
  • SPR. Anya Sullivan
  • SPR. Ebba Zingmark
  • SPR. Andrei Nerva
  • SPR. Travis J. Picker
  • SPR. Lucrezia Farr
  • SPR. Andrei Nerva

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