DeGaul Family History Edit

Currently living on New Carthage, the DeGaul Family has roots stretching back to Charles de Gaulle, a competent military commander and one time president of France. The family lived in rural France until the advent of the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine in 2291, when an adventurous younger child had a falling out with his family and left for the stars. The young man, named Alistair de Gaulle, eventually joining a colonization program. There, Alistair de Gaulle met his future wife, Alice Korhonen, and the pair founded the New Carthage Colony along with over a hundred others. They would have only one child in the colony, Duncan, as Alice would die in childbirth.

Duncan grew up to be a proper young man, with strong beliefs in the values of hard work and religion. He did not contact the part of the family still living on Earth, instead devoting his life to farming. His wife, Marja Lehto, was happy to live the life of a farm wife. They would have seven children, Yvonne, Richard, Paul, Étienne, Thomas, Adda, and Aleksanteri. Yvonne later married Juhani Aalto, becoming Yvonne Aalto. Richard married young, and inherited the family farm. Paul never married, instead assisting Richard with the farm. Étienne left New Carthage, to live on Harvest as an administrator. Thomas died in a tragic school shooting when he was 17. Adda became an engineer, and Aleksanteri joined the Army. Aleksanteri married his childhood friend Sauda Aalto, Juhani Aalto's sister, and had two children.

Several uneventful generations after Aleksanteri, his descendants changed their surnames to DeGaul, to differentiate from the extended family of de Gaulle. Haskell DeGaul, great-great-grandson of Aleksanteri,has two sons and a daughter. The older boy is Alistair DeGaul after his ancestor, and the younger is Terrence DeGaul. The girls is named Adda after Aleksanteri's sister.

Alistair joins the Marine Corps in 2555, serving as a Private, and is deployed to a colony that was experiencing minor civil wars, and insurrection sympathies. Terrence, jealous of Alistair's success as a soldier, runs away from home and joins the 5th MEU.

At some point, Alistair transferred to the 5th MEU to find his brother, and tell him that the family misses him. With him he takes Terrence’s red bandanna, to remind Terrence of his commitments Unfortunately, he is soon to be wrapped up in the HOTH conflict...

Player Notes Edit

Big family. Some say they are involved in organised crime. Long history of military service, lots of room for redshirt family members when Alistair dies. Terrence is off on some black-op, maybe he comes back to find his brother dead?

Someone can take over from here, flesh out the family tree. Make sure to throw in plenty of Slavic, Finnish, French, and English names. When I change over to a new family, someone else can develop the Earthborn side of the family.