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Danny Makosovich in what seems to be his old uniform that Brooklyn squad was issued in 2552 to signify there importance.

Backstory: Danny Makosovich is a very complex and hard man to understand. Born on in the super city of New Alexandria on Reach, he had spent his whole life fighting wars that sometimes he believed had no cause. He was a very complex child as well, often wandering off into the night to play with his friends by the beachfront. When the fall of Reach happened, Danny was fresh out of Basic Training and was only a private in the 501st Army Batallion. His unit consisted of 20,000 army foot-soldiers, but by the end only ten would survive. Their first operation was to protect the city of New Alexandria from Covenant attack. Danny was stationed at the beachfront north of where the rest of his unit was located. During this time he was associated with Brooklyn squad, a squad he would later bring back in 2558. This squad included people such as Second Lieutenant Nicolas Siluk, Corporal Danny Makosovich, Specialist Gianna Advadante, Hector Rimnokov, and Sarah Brimalt. Together, these five were by far the best in the unit, always being in the front lines the fastest and coming out unscathed. The battle of New Alexandria pushed them to the test as they went up against Spirit after Spirit of Brutes and Hunters. They soon ran out of ammo and were forced to retreat to the main compound where they saw that Brutes had overran their unit and had slaughtered them all. Danny went in and began to engage most of them on his own, shooting and killing three before being shot in the shoulder by a spiker round. He looked to his left to see the Captain of his unit, punching a brute with only one arm. The brute laughed, picking up the captain and slamming him like a toy against the hard, concrete wall next to him over and over again till the Captain was a mush of body parts. Danny would then begin to drift in and out of reality, seeing things he couldn't understand. Eventually he was rescued by this random black blur and later woke up in a ship heading out of the system. When he asked if their was anyone else who went on with him, the people said no and that it was just him. Brooklyn squad would be listed as MIA, sometimes the other members would pop up in a after action report. Danny did read that the Second Lieutenant was joining up onto the Spartan IV project and was happy to see that he was still kicking and moving around. After the Fall of Reach Danny went off the grid, he would pop up once in a while in peoples war stories who also survived Reach. It wasn't until 2553 when he finally decided to get himself back into the action an get back on the grid.

After he was enlisted once again, Danny was then moved around from unit to unit, being introduced to new kinds of combat and experience. He would see the battles unfold on both Installation 04 and The Ark. Makosovich would also wind up fighting in the battle of Earth and New Mombassa, a time where Danny was later diagnosed with a minor case of PTSD. Sooner or later he finally got to Echo company, a long forgotten unit that is now known as the 5th Marine MEU.

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