Bjorn "Odin" Hardrada Edit

Bjorn Hardrada, usually known as "Odin", due to the lack of a left eye, is an engineer of the 41st, formally a Marine of the 5th Expeditionary Unit.

He is the current quartermaster of the UNSC Warspite.

Early Life: Edit

Bjorn was born in the nation of Norway on Earth, but can not remember what city, as his parents moved to the city of New York when he was relatively young.

Sometime in his early teens his parents were the unfortunate victims of gang violence in which they were not even involved, simply being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. This led to him taking up a life of crime simply to survive on his own, mostly consisting of thievery and black market dealings.

At the age of 22 he decided that the life he was currently living was disgraceful, and joined the Marine Corps, in an effort to redeem himself in the eyes of the pagan gods he worshiped, and in the eyes of his deceased parents.

Marine Corps: Edit

Bjorn performed admirably in boot camp, and had, thanks to his rather shady past, managed to sneak a somewhat large combat knife with him through most of the experience. His first posting was in the UNSC Icarus, where he met many marines with whom he formed a rather close bond with.

At some point he became a flame-trooper, wielding a flamethrower in battle, and was often sent in first into rooms in order to clear them of hostiles.

On a certain operation a rocket from a strafing gunship landed relatively close to him, throwing him on his back in the sand, and lodging a piece of shrapnel in his left eye

Sometime after healing he took over the position of temporary Quartermaster of the Icarus until a replacement was to be found. After sometime of working alongside the armory and the engineers, he requested formal retraining and transfer to the 41st Engineers in order to retain the position and continue working alongside the engineers.

Engineer: Edit

Upon his return to the Icarus, various friends he knew were either dead, or had been transferred, and he thus began becoming somewhat reclusive, spending most of his time among the other Engineers and the armory, along with the occasional non-engineer friends.

At some point Bjorn was present during an operation at an abandoned Forunner ruin, which was under attack by Covenant Remnant forces, and the UNSC forces took substantial casualties, and in an attempt to protect a Corpsman who was tending to several wounded, Bjorn charged several Jackals armed with needle rifles. While he managed to burn the Jackals to death with the flamethrower, one of them managed to land a shot on Bjorn, directly in the shoulder. The resulting explosion sending his left arm flying away from him shoulder. He was saved by John "Eyebrows" Fitzgerald, who managed to cease the bleeding from the now-stump of a shoulder, as the Corpsman was in the process of having a panic attack. Fitzgerald then carried Bjorn a good distance back to the Pelican extraction, leading to a strong friendship between the two, and leading to Bjorn receiving an augmetic arm.


Bjorn would spend much time under the command of Gunnery-Sergeant Sergei Vladishinkov, earning a rather large amount of respect for the odd Russian man.

At some point he would essentially be forced to go on leave by a medical personnel claiming that Bjorn was 'in the field for too long without cease'. Upon returning from said leave, he returned to another ship, the Warspite, discovering that his old home, the Icarus, was gone, and various many of his old friends, including Fitzgerald, various other marines, and a couple of Swords of Sanghelios, were dead.

The lose of so many friends in such a short amount of time significantly impacted his mental state, and not in a positive way. His old mindset of wanting to die in battle, was increased, in a very negative fashion, as he blamed himself for many of his comrade's deaths, believing that if he were there at the time of their death that he may have been able to prevent it. From this point he began slowly spiraling into a depression, one fueled by loneliness and alcohol as he withdrew further from the other marines and engineers and began spending more time in the armory alone. He began to believe that he must die saving someone else to redeem himself.

Current situation: Edit

The return of old faces he once knew from long ago has been slowly bringing him 'out of his shell' so to speak, and he has been spending more time among fellow engineers and with several marines, but on the whole is still rather reclusive and depressed.

He may or may not have recently been putting his former black market experience to use to try and interfere with some shipping orders to ensure that the 5th Expeditionary and 41st Engineers are getting more/higher grades of gear than they usually would.

Quotes: Edit

"Allfather Odin, grant us the bravery and skill to slay our foes, red-handed Thor, grant us the strength in the coming battle, Freya, guide our souls to your paradise if we fall!

"Too many good men lost to shit like that, too many...."

"Hooooooly shit, I've only got one eye and I can shoot better than THAT!"