Initial First Strike Edit

HOTH has been ramping up their operations against UNSC forces. The most noticeable of actions being organized conquests of colonies controlled by the United Earth Government. One of these unfortunate colonies was a UNSC ship supplier world named Benegon. HOTH cells which had infiltrated the planet prior began to assault UNSC garrisons and cities across the planet. All with a HOTH invasion fleet consisted primarily of captured Charon-class Frigates moving in.

Landing Operations Edit

As Charon-class Frigates began dropping off HOTH Soldiers onto the surface of Benegon, UNSC forces supported by CDF elements had made attempts to deny the Harbringer's units access to open beach land perfect for Anti-air/orbital emplacements. Despite valiant attacks brought by the conglomerated forces, both the UNSC and CDF failed to defend the beach heads as well as sustaining significant losses. Soon after, both UNSC and CDF elements had fallen back to the capital city of Benegon. Ledan.

5th MEU Incursion Edit

With the Navy of Benegon being kept at bay by HOTH Anti-air/orbital emplacements, the capital city would easily fall in a matter of days. However, the UNSC 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit had been deployed in an attempt to bring a surgical strike against the Harbringer's valuable emplacements. In the ensuing battle and aftermath, the 5th MEU had made successfully destroyed the emplacements, but also made contact with an odd green substance that HOTH had been experimenting on with their own soldiers. As well as a rare occurrence of a HOTH deserter.

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