"Feet First Into Hell."

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The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are one of many Special Operations Forces in the UNSC Defense Force. The ODSTs are under the exclusive operational authority of the Naval Special Warfare Command/Naval Special Weapons. Their methods of operation allow them to conduct missions against targets that more conventional forces cannot approach undetected. ODSTs are recruited from the Special Operations Groups of every nation of the Unified Earth Government and are a strictly all volunteer fighting force.

Potential ODSTs are selected because of their performance in their chosen MOS; every ODST candidate is a veteran from another Special Operations outfit and therefore has already gone through at least two layers of screening and months of intense training — not counting the years of training received before volunteering for the ODSTs. There are no age or gender restrictions — as long as the candidate meets the physical and mental requirements they are guaranteed the opportunity to try out for the ODSTs.

Once in the ODSTs, a candidate's training continues - its entrance requirements serve as a third layer of screening upon two more, where applicants would have theoretically failed to pass. Candidates would, therefore, already have extensive experience in conducting the types of high-risk missions that the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers typically perform.

ODST Known in Service on the Warspite Edit

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  • 1stLt. Wallace Fornholm |
  • CW3. John 'Mac' MacIntyre |

ODST Equipment: Edit

The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers Armor: Edit

Helmet: Edit

The Orbital Drop Shock Trooper's helmet is a variant of the standard Marine's CH252 Helmet, Except, it has more in common with the MJOLNIR armor system, the helmet is a titanium, that is mixed with ceramics to make it heat resistant. On the inside of the helmet is lined with a black padding, this provides comfort and can take a lot of the impact when an ODST drops from a certain height or, like a motor-bike helmet, if the wearer is knocked off a vehicle which is at a high speed. The helmet's visor is made of a strong glass-like material, with the ability to polarize from being clear to a silver blue color, that hides the wearer's identity from others. The helmet also has a communicator on the inside, like the marine helmets. But, on the helmet is a more efficient and reliable Heads Up Display, aka HUD.

VISR: Edit

The ODST's HUD, is more commonly referred to as VISR, which is a shortened name for Visual Intelligence System, Reconnaissance. The VISR has three main pages, NAV (Navigation), COM (Communications) and INTEL (Intelligence). The Navigation tab allows the trooper to have a portable map of the city, with a compass and motion tracker, that shows the ODST(s) and their mission objective(s). The communications tab, allows for the troopers to see all of their squad-mates and command, with the ability to radio them at any time. The Intelligence tab, shows the trooper, his objective(s) and enemies. The other mode, is in low-light levels, they have night-vision, that illuminates: hostiles as red; friendlies as green, and objectives as yellow.

Body Suit: Edit

The ODST body suit is made up of several different layers and materials, the inner layer of the black-gray (tight) undersuit is made up of Kevlar material to aid in protecting the wearer from small arms fire, the inner layer also contains a heating and cooling system which regulates temperatures to keep the user warm or cool depending on the weather conditions - the heating and cooling system can also match infrared signatures of the current weather as well to allow an ODST to go undetected in hostile locations.

Body Armor: Edit

Attached to the body suit, is the outer body armor, made of titanium-ceramic mix, like the helmet, it has multiple parts: a chest guard, that stops at about the intestines level; leg-plating, that protects from the thigh to the boots; arm-plating that protects from the wrist to the elbow, and the final part is the shoulder pads. The ceramic in the armor protects the wearer from dropping in an SOEIV and provide as extra protection against plasma weaponry. The full body suit, armor and helmet, allows the user to go into areas without any oxygen, for only fifteen minutes, when it's fully pressurized.

The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers Arsenal of Weapons: Edit

Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Material (SRS99AM): Edit

Sniper Rifle

The Misriah Armory's Sniper Rifle, utilized by ODST Snipers, has a four round magazine, which fires 14.5*114mm rounds, at a semi-automatic firing mode, This sniper rifle is very accurate with a trained user, and has a very long range, that is expected from a Sniper Rifle. The tripod on the bottom, can be used to increase the accuracy from longer away, although quite a lot of snipers seem not to use this function. The covenant equivalent of the SRS99AM, is the Type 52- Special Applications Rifle, which is most commonly known as, the Focus Rifle.

The M90 Close Assault Weapon System (M90 Shotgun): Edit


Made by Weapon System Technologies, the M90 CAWS, is a shotgun used by some close-quarters ODSTs, even though it's old, it's really reliable. With the magazine size of six Soellkraft 8 Gauge shells, you'll need to reload a lot, but the damage outweighs the long reloading time. Like most shotguns, it's a manual pump action shotgun. There's three counterparts: the Mauler fits the shotgun the most of the three counterparts, but the other two weapons that are counter-parts are the Energy Sword and the Gravity Hammer, but they're melee weapons, not actual guns.

The Battle Rifle 85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle (BR85HB SR): Edit


Created by the Misriah Armory, the BR85HB is a bullpup service rifle, it uses 36, 9.55*40mm rounds in it's magazine that is inserted in the front of the BR's butt, it's a gas operated, three round burst service rifle. it has the effective fire of 950 meters(3,117 feet). The covenant equivalent of the BR85HB SR, is the Type-51 Carbine.

The MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System(MA5D ICWS):


Misriah Armory's latest MA5 Model, has 32, 7.62*51mm rounds, per magazine, the Full Metal Jacket, comes out of the Gas-operated and magazine-fed rifle. Like the Battle Rifle, the magazine goes in front of the butt. The weapon can be switched from semi-automatic to automatic mode. The covenant equivalent of the MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System, is the Type-55 Directed Energy Rifle, which is commonly called the Storm Rifle.

The M7 Silenced Caseless Submachine Gun(M7S): Edit


“The suppressed M7 -- tears through armor and turns bad guys into chum.” - Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck, giving a run-down of the M7S.

Another Misriah Armory weapon,is the silenced form of the M7 Sub-Machine Gun, the M7 Silenced has 60, 5*23mm M442 Caseless Full Metal Jacket/.197 Caliber rounds, in each magazine, it uses a gas system with a rotating breech to operate properly, The covenant counter part of the standard ODST weapon, is the Spiker and Plasma Rifle, that the brutes and Sangheili use.

The M6C/SOCOM(M6C/S): Edit


“M6S -- whisper-quiet with armor-piercing rounds. Brutes might see us coming, but the only thing they'll hear is their asses hitting the ground.” — Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck.

The Misriah Armory's M6 SOCOM, is a semi-automatic pistol and a variant of the M6C Magnum Sidearm. The standard sidearm for the UNSC special operation unit utilizes, it has 12, 12.7*40mm/.50 magnum rounds, in each magazine. The covenant counterpart of the M6C SOCOM, is the Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol, designated as the Plasma Pistol.

The M6G Personal Defense Weapon System(M6G PDWS): Edit


The M6G is from the Misriah Armory's M6 sidearm series, it's standard magazine size is 8 rounds, the ammunition type of each of the 8 rounds, is 12.7mm*40mm/.50 Magnum Caliber Rounds, it's effective range is 50 meters( Approximately 152.5 feet). The covenant counterpart for the M6G PDWS, is the Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol, designated the Plasma Pistol, the same as the M6C SOCOM's counterpart.

Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicle (SOEIV): Edit


The SOEIV is mostly know for dropping down ODSTs to the surface, but can be used to deploy other items to the surface, for example an M274 Mongoose ULATV, and even a SHIVA-class nuclear missile. Some people refer to the SOEIV as an egg. When a helljumper deploys in an SOEIV, it's referred to as digging their own grave, this is due to the high percentage chance of the SOEIV's brake chutes failing to deploy, which means they will die when the pod lands on the ground, becoming a sort of pancake. The SOEIV can hold a range of weapons, the ODSTs normally put in their M7 Silenced Caseless Submachine-Gun, M6 SOCOM, and their specialist weapon, to assault-men and riflemen this is the BR85HB SR.

Images of ODSTs in action. Edit