Faction Description Edit

"Branch of the UNSCDF that is responsible for land-based military operations, as well as the protection of naval vessels and installations from attack."

Gameplay Wise Edit

The 5th Marine Expenditionary Unit is the default faction a player is whitelisted to following their completion of training as a recruit. The default weapons for players in this faction unless they donated are the MA5D and the M6G.

Echo Company Edit

Echo Company was led by the distinguished Colonel Cain Powell. Having dissolved some time after his promotion from Captain, the platoons were integrated in to the current unit. Veterans of the company carry emblems in its memory.

Charlie Company Edit

Charlie company is the presumed name of the current company that the player is auto-matically apart of at the start. It is lead by the current Captain, Jonathan Scott. This is the current playable platoon that the player is part of.

Oscar Platoon Edit

Oscar Platoon is the first Platoon of Company C of the battalion. It is currently lead by Second Lieutenant Vlad Eisenberg. This Platoon was originally named by Second Lieutenant Vlad Eisenberg and to this day he leads it to his very best in great honor of the long deceased Cain Powell and the fallen under both their command.

Notable Figures Edit

Col. Cain Powell [Under Evaluation]

LtCol. Stuart Benson [Active]

Maj. Lonela Lupei  [MIA]

Sgt. Wyatt Crenshaw [Active]

Capt. Jonathan C. Scott  [Active]

1stLt. Todd Pinson  [Active]

1stLt. Vlad Eisenberg  [Active]

 2ndLt. Wolfram Dreschner [MIA]

2ndLt. Axel Hunter  [Active]

MGySgt. Bartholomew Queens [Retired]

2ndLt. Hannah Klossner [Retired]

1stSgt. Xalos Keener  [Discharged]

1stLt. Micheal Trementias  [Retired]

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