Faction description Edit

The Forty-Second Air Bombardment group is a branch of the UNSCDF assigned to the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit. The UNSC Air Force serves as an aerial defense and support force, primarily deploying from UNSC Navy vessels or from terrestrial air-bases. The unit is led by Col. Frederick Hummels, and LtCol. Henry Blakefield. The oldest known member of the 42nd Air Bombardment is 1st Lt. Heing-Son Jin-Chieng, having served many more years than any over member.

In 2557, the CSAR unit was disbanded. The only former member of Eagle Squad serving with the Fifth is Cole Andrews.

Gameplay Wise Edit

The on-ship command is headed up by Major Roland 'Hitman' Beaumont and Captain John 'Catch' Yossarian. Combat search and rescue is a detachment of the Fourty-Second. They are the main ground forces unit of the airforce. CSAR is tasked with search and rescue operations, evacuation of civilians and wounded personnel, and force protection of FOBs and medical personel. CSAR assigned to the 5th is lead by 1StLt Lacy Almano.

Air Force is yet another playable faction that the player may apply for on the fourms. They may apply for a position as part of CSAR, or to become a pilot. In-chararacter wise, all CSAR are supposed to be trained and are considered to be Combat Life Savers (CLS)

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