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Faction Description Edit

Engineering Unit responsible for upkeep of ground vehicles aboard the ship, and explosive ordnance carriers. Combat engineers, Sappers, Pioneers are all appropriate terms for a title. In no way, shape or form, are Sappers or Combat "engineers" related to actual engineers who have a diploma from college. The two are completely different sections of work, and should not be confused.

Job Edit


Improving the ability of one's own force to move around the battlefield. Combat engineers typically support this role through reduction of enemy obstacles which include point and row minefields, anti-tank ditches, wire obstacles, concrete and metal anti-vehicle barriers, and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and wall and door breaching in urban terrain. Mechanized combat engineer units also have armored vehicles capable of laying short bridges for limited gap-crossing.

  • Clearing terrain obstacles
  • Overcoming trenches and ditches
  • Opening routes for armored fighting vehicles
  • Constructing roads and bridges
  • Route clearance

Building obstacles to prevent the enemy from moving around the battlefield. Destroying bridges, blocking roads, creating airstrips, digging trenches, etc. Can also include planting land mines and anti-handling devices when authorized and directed to do so.

When the defender must retreat it is often desirable to destroy anything that may be of use to the enemy, particularly bridges, as their destruction can slow the advance of the attackers. The retreating forces may also leave booby traps for enemy soldiers, even though these often wreak their havoc upon non-combatant civilians.

  • Planting land mines
  • Digging trenches and ditches
  • Demolishing roads and bridges
Explosive material handling

The placement of land mines to create minefields and their maintenance and removal.

  • Clearing fields of land mines
  • Demolition
  • Opening routes during assault
  • Demolishing enemy structures (using bulldozers or explosive charges).
Defense structures

Building structures which enable one's own soldiers to survive on the battlefield. Examples include trenches, bunkers, shelters, and armored vehicle fighting positions.

Defensive fortifications are designed to prevent intrusion into the inner works by infantry. For minor defensive locations these may only consist of simple walls and ditches. The design principle is to slow down the advance of attackers to where they can be destroyed by defenders from sheltered positions. Most large fortifications are not a single structure but rather a concentric series of fortifications of increasing strength.

  • Building fortifications
  • Building outposts
  • Building fences
  • Defense against NBC weapon threats

Equipment Edit

Combat engineers employ a wide range of transportation vehicles and equipment, and uses weapons unique to the engineers, including those used in land mine warfare.

Equipment used by combat engineers

Basic combat engineering tools include safe use of: driving tools and chopping tools (hammers, mauls, sledges, screwdriver, and bits); cutting tools and smoothing tools (saws, chisels, planes, files and rasps, brush-cutting tools, miscellaneous cutting tools); drilling tools, boring tools, and countersinking tools;measuring tools, leveling tools and layout tools (rules, tapes, marking tools, levels, plumb bobs, squares); gripping tools, prying tools and twisting tools (pliers, wrenches, bars); holding tools, raising tools and grinding tools (vises, clamps, jacks, grinders, and oilstones); timber handling tools and climbing tools; digging tools (shovels, posthole diggers, picks, and mattocks); portable power tools and trailer-mounted tools (electric tool trailer and generator, portable power tools); miscellaneous tools.

Gameplay Wise Edit

The 41st Engineering Corps are the part of the MEU responsible for repair and maintenance of UNSC Ground Vehicles used on the current ship the 41st is stationed on. The Engineering Corps are made up out of multiple people, with different upbringings and cultures. The personnel in the 41st Engineering Corps are the only marines aboard the ship that can request training for the M41 Rocket Launcher. The 41st Engineering Corps also works in cooperation with the ship's MSE division. On ground operations, the 41st works as a normal marine unit would, but they are equipped with things such as Wire Cutters, C-12, and other equipment the regular marine does not use. The engineers play an essential role in the upkeep of the Marine Expeditionary Unit, not the ship itself. Some notable personnel in the 41st is the Sergeant Major of the 5th, Axel Hunter. Our armory for what's on our person regularly isn't that surprising, the full list is: ...

Known 41st Personnel Edit

-Capt. Todd Pinson

-2ndLt. Axel Hunter

-Sgt. Mark Howlett[Deceased]

-Sgt. Wyatt Crenshaw[Deceased]

-SSgt. Damon Faust[Deceased]

-LCpl. Matthew Heinz

-LCpl. Shane Mills

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